Video from the Luna Luna SUMMER DEATH Poetry Reading!

Lynsey G | September 29, 2014 | 8:57 pm

Most of you, I’m assuming, were not able to make it to the SUMMER DEATH poetry reading featuring six Luna Luna writers/editors/contributors last Thursday. Luckily, there is some video of the so-gorgeous-it-hurts poetry of Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein, the vivacious lines of Lisa Marie Basile, and other (I don’t know what descriptors best suit my poetry) poems from me! Enjoy!

Hope you like it! I read three poems from my collection about Audrey Munson, which still does not have a name, and for which I will be seeking publication in the next few months. I got a very good response from the listeners, and feel blessed to have the opportunity.

Thank you so much to Mellow Pages Library, to everyone at Luna Luna, and to everyone who showed up!

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He Knew It Was Creepy… and he still harassed me

Lynsey G | September 26, 2014 | 12:40 pm

The other day on my way home from work, I came around the corner of my block right by the deli that has the “Open 24 Hours” sign on it, but which is only open about four days a week and at whatever the hell hours it feels like. I was texting a friend as I walked, but keeping my peripheral vision peeled for any weirdness, as I always do because there are frequently some colorful characters hanging out near that deli.

Misleading sign.

Misleading sign.

I was right to be wary. As I passed the deli, this guy fell in step beside me, murmuring weird shit at me. Like… weird shit. Not overtly sexual, not particularly gross, just weird. I couldn’t hear some of it because he was mumbling, but some of it went like this:

Guy: *eyeing the turtle pin on my bag* Yeeeah, turtles and ducks and shit, yeeeeah, girl, where you going, uh-huh…

Me: *making a confused expression out of the side of my eye at this bizarre man*

Guy: *seeing my creeped-out-ness* Yeeeah, you real busy and shit, on your phone, you have dilemmas and shit…

I was coming up to my house, and considered walking past it instead of going in, because it seemed totally possible that he would try to come in with me, or stand outside and harass me from the street. So, to assess the situation better, I put my phone in my bag, stopped walking, and turned to look this guy in the face. He stopped, too, and looked right back at me.

Me: Does this usually work for you?

Guy: *immediately straightening his posture* Nawww…

Me: I didn’t think so.

Guy: Yeahhh…

Me: Because that is creepy.

Guy: Yeahhh…

Me: Like, real fuckin’ creepy.

Guy: Yeahhh…

So I turned and kept walking, him having just admitted that he was being creepy on purpose. He kept following me. I turned in at my gate.

Guy: So this where you live?

Me: *stony silence*

Guy: *very politely* So I’m Robert. What’s your name, Miss?

Me: *massive eye roll, continued silence*

Guy: Maybe I’ll see you again sometime?

Me: *walking inside*

I kept an eye out the window to see if he was lurking, and thankfully, he wasn’t. He went right back to the deli, ostensibly to be really creepy at somebody else. I may have had an actual human exchange with him, but I didn’t get the impression I’d made any breakthroughs in his personal feelings about street harassment.

I feel about 90% certain that this guy that because I’m a smallish youngish woman who doesn’t quite fit into the neighborhood, I would be intimidated by him. Sadly, I am not much intimidated by people being weird specifically to frighten me. If he’d appeared genuinely threatening or dangerous, I probably would not have responded at all, except to have taken off running. But Robert seemed fairly harmless, just a jerk, once I made it clear that I wasn’t impressed. The moment I started speaking to him and looking him in the eye, he straightened up, looked back at me, and spoke to me like a human being. I could almost hear his internal monologue: “Oh my god! It can talk! It’s a person! Man, I guess I was being creepy.”

He said as much. He agreed when I told him it was creepy.

Let me reiterate. He knew it was creepy and he still felt ok harassing me, in broad daylight, in full view of dozens of people, for no reason and with no expectation of any significant payoff. Just because he could.

Then again, before I judge too much, he did get me to talk to him. He didn’t get my number, or my name, or anything significant, but he did get a reaction. Maybe that’s all he wanted.

But… ugh. Being a woman in public. Of course, this incident happened at the intersection of multiple issues: socioeconomic class disparities/perceptions, culture and race and postcolonialism, gentrification of the neighborhood… the list goes on and on. But can we at least admit that gender played a role? And that, just like the rest of the issues involved, it’s not ok that it did?

In other news: I will be moving out of that apartment and off that block tomorrow. (Yeah, that gentrification thing = I can’t afford to live there anymore.) So, peace out, Robert! Good luck harassing other women!

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Feminism in the News: way to go, celebrities!

Lynsey G | September 24, 2014 | 12:30 pm

I just love finding out that child stars I always loved have grown up into intelligent, kind, and proactive people! And particularly when they grow up to be outspoken feminist people! Yeeeeah!

Case in point: this week the internet is abuzz with news of Emma Watson’s speech to the UN, where she launched her campaign #HeforShe, which promotes gender equality and asks for the help of men and women (and, one would hope, those of other genders as well, though it’s early days and I’m not certain of the official take on that just yet).

Not only is she a brilliant public speaker, a visionary, and a badass, but she’s clearly nervous, too. Her voice is tremulous throughout the speech, which I find endearing, and which makes sense given that continue →

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Luna Luna Links and News!

Lynsey G | September 22, 2014 | 12:49 am

Happy Autumn, everybody! It’s officially now fall, so bring on the scarves and boots and… pumpkin spice… everything. Dear god. The pumpkin spice…


New interviews up at Luna Luna, with two fantastic humans who perform burlesque! First I interviewed Jan Tina, “The Booty Queen of Burlesque”! We discussed her being a video game boss, a dominatrix, a poet, and a totally incredible person. And then I interviewed Apathy Angel, “The Dark Delight of Burlesque,” about body-positivity, international shows, and inspiration. Both of these women are badasses! You definitely want to read the interviews… and ogle their luscious photos. continue →

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It’s here! Bitch Magazine’s Love/Lust Issue, Featuring MOI!

Lynsey G | September 18, 2014 | 5:44 pm

I got so excited when I got it home that I started taking pictures. In hindsight, this was silly because the lighting was terrible, but you know what? I don’t care. You’re lookin’ at ‘em!

Look at that sexy cover!

Look at that sexy cover!

I’m just squirming with glee over here to see this article in print, and to be part of such a fabulous publication! The rest of this issue looks amazing–I haven’t been able to sit down and read it yet, but there are articles on the invisibility of fat women’s sexuality (to which I’d refer people to my article, which includes quotes from many body-positive pornographers), the little-discussed realm of sexuality in online roleplaying games, and much more. continue →

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The Love/Lust of Bitch Magazine is OUT!

Lynsey G | September 11, 2014 | 9:05 pm

About a year and a half ago, I was in Toronto for the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards. I’d recently interviewed Cindy Gallop about the launch of her site, and she’d told me about the many hurdles she and her team had faced while dealing with finances for the project. I’d been flabbergasted and how difficult they had found it get a great idea like MakeLoveNotPorn off the ground, due mainly to the reticence of financial institutions to go touch adult content with a foot-long… pole. (Heh. See, that was almost a dirty joke. Get it?)

So, at the FPAs, I started talking to some people I know who make indie/feminist/queer porn about their experiences. Not surprisingly, continue →

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Thoughts on Celebgate: why are nipples such a huge issue?

Lynsey G | September 8, 2014 | 8:49 pm

I’m imagining the hackers responsible are standing ~100 yards to the right.

What is it about nudity that tantalizes us so? In the wake of “Celebgate,” I’ve been thinking a lot about our cultural obsession with naked bodies we weren’t asked to look at. We fixate on them. We can’t get enough. Why?

Is it because we’ve become so detached from our own bodies that the sight of them in their natural state is now equal in our minds with sex? Because, let’s face it, our bodies do a lot every day that has nothing to do with sex. And those bodies, with their pubic hair and nipples and skin and genitals, are with us all the time that we’re doing non-sexy things. Under our clothes, hiding. While we sit at our desks or eat lunch or make phone calls or do laundry or whatever. They’re not being sexual most of the time when they’re clothed, and they’re not even being sexual lots of times when they’re naked–like in the shower and when we sleep naked (which many of us do, right?).

So these bodies we live in, literally every second of our lives (except in dreams, I suppose, and the occasional out-of-body experience)… How did we get so mentally separated from them that when we see them, we go berserk? Why is it such a big deal to all of us? continue →

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Columns and Podcasts and and Poetry and Moving

Lynsey G | September 4, 2014 | 12:30 pm

Apologies, my lovely darling crumpets, for not writing you brilliant new blog posts more often! I am in the process of trying to find a new apartment in New York City, which anybody who makes less than a million dollars a year can tell you is pretty much the equivalent of running around screaming and waving your hands in the air for a thirty day period, questioning your fiscal responsibility and general fitness as a human being, losing sleep over the possible drawbacks of that perfect apartment you just viewed, lusting after backyard space, and pretty much losing your damn mind. Not to mention all of your free time for a solid month.

So basically don’t expect a whole lot of original material at this juncture, mmkay? I’m busy.

But I’m still doing stuff!

Like the podcast I’m featured in at Bitch Media! continue →

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I’ve Been Busy This Week

Lynsey G | August 29, 2014 | 3:17 pm

On top of apartment hunting, conducting burlesque performer interviews for Luna Luna (more on that soon!), working full time, and doing a freelance editing project… this week I did some other stuff you can check out online!

Image: Willi White1) I interviewed Angel White Eyes, an “photographer, an artist, and activist for the Lakota people” about the production studio she and her friend Willi White have just started, Indigene, and about their upcoming short film, “The People” for Luna Luna! You should absolutely read it, and go help fund “The People” at the IndieGoGo campaign page!

A snippet:

“We talked about how much the media comes into Pine Ridge and shares these sad stories and poverty porn about Pine Ridge, and how I wanted to do something that showed how beautiful Pine Ridge is. Instead of showing the hardships that people see, show them all the good things about Pine Ridge.”


2) And oh my gosh. I’m so nervous to put this out there, but hey, it’s a big deal: I was interviewed by the Bitch Media podcast, “Popcast,” for their “Hello, Feminist Porn!” episode, along with the incomparable Jiz Lee, artist Jess Fink, and gaming journalist Katherine Cross.

I discussed financing feminist pornography, and read a segment of my article in the upcoming Love/Lust edition of the magazine (due out in September).

Go! Listen! Enjoy!

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“Suitcase Pimps” in the Adult Industry: an informational essay

Lynsey G | August 26, 2014 | 9:59 pm

I’ve been thinking about what happened to Christy Mack, particularly with regard to what obviously turned into a toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend/”suitcase pimp,” War Machine. I never met Christy Mack or War Machine, so I can’t speak personally about the nature of their relationship. However, some observations Aurora Snow made in her Daily Beast article about it got me pondering the little-known and rarely discussed phenomenon of the “suitcase pimp” in the mainstream adult industry.

First of all, please understand that I am NOT in any way suggesting that a suitcase pimp is synonymous with violence or abuse. I’m sure that there are as many variations on the relationship between adult star and suitcase pimp as there are individual relationships. But I want to just talk about how this all works, and how this might have happened, for those of you who don’t know about “suitcase pimps.”

Imagine for a moment that you are an actress in mainstream pornographic films. That you make most or all of your living on your adult film work. It’s a demanding job. As often as possible, you book continue →

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